In A Past Life I Was A Merchant Sailing Vessel

Who doesn’t love to google their name and find out what they’re notorious (or not) for? I tried the other day, to see if this blog would finally show up. It did! Huzzah. But something even curiouser turned up as well, which I’m still thinking about, a little bewildered.

When you google ‘Evangeline Giaconia’, the first item of the second page of google is a a google books link to the “Annual List of Merchant Vessels of the United States, Volume 26, Part 1894”, scanned from a document published in 1895.

One page 131 of this list there is a listing for the Giaconia, a lugger weighing 6,037 tonnes. There is also a listing for the Glendy Burke–with a postscript which defers the reader to the bottom of the page, where a note reads: ‘Formerly British schooner Evangeline’.

I still can’t quite wrap my head around this: my names on two different vessels on the same page of a document from 1895. The listing is alphabetical, so it had to be the postscript that contained the word ‘Evangeline’, or it wouldn’t have been on the same page as ships starting with ‘G’. How wild.

To bring this back to writing, I suppose it’s things like this that remind us that weird, bizarre coincidences do exist, and that maybe we ought to check our suspension of disbelief sometimes when we’re getting a little skeptical. Last night I was sighing in exasperation as Francis Thurton’s gaze just happened to fall on just the right newspaper article in Call of Cthulhu, but maybe I ought to give him a bit more credit. Maybe the world is more cohesive than we think.


Ahoy from the SS Evangeline! We go in search of the Old Ones.


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