What have you written this week? (Probably more than you think.)

Sometimes I have to remind myself that while I’m not writing as in working on my manuscript, I’m still writing as in practicing putting one word in front of the other. And honestly, it all adds up to experience. So while I’ve had no time to work on BOTD this week, here are some things that I’ve written since Monday.

  • A writing prompt about the Grim Reaper, a child protection services agent, and three hellions
  • An extensive outline and pages of notes for a paper dealing with science fiction and the Gaia Theory
  • A half-page summary of Cities, People, and Language by James C. Scott
  • Several powerpoint slides and a presentation outline of a paper on the effects of atmospheric CO2 on photosynthesis
  • A scholarship award acceptance blurb
  • A blurb about a club for practicing Kichwa
  • Countless emails
  • Detailed notes for a grassroots social justice organization meeting
  • A scrapped retelling of the myth of Icarus
  • Notes on several presentations/lectures by archaeoastronomer Dr. Anthony Aveni
  • Notes from 18 hours worth of classes
  • Several to-do lists per day
  • And 1 blog post (you’re reading it)

So if you feel like you’re not getting any writing done, as I frequently do, stop and take a look at how you’re evaluating ‘writing’. In the overall scheme of things, any practice is valid practice. Whether you mean to or not, you’re improving every time you stick two words together.


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