Beach Writing :)

How to have a good time in Florida: sleep all day. savor hour long thunderstorms hovering directly over house. exhaust self in ocean 2 hrs per day. find two dead fish in swimsuit (RIP me). oh yeah, and write a lot because wrist has recovered from tendinitis!!!

And remember how capitalization and punctuation works, I guess. Vacation is a wonderful time to write because there is little else to do. (Having already finished the books I brought, The Killing Moon and The Fifth Season, both mind-blowing.) I’m working on a short story reinterpretation of the myth of the Minotaur, feat. Theseus’ older sister Aristomache. She’s a badass bringer of justice who’s also a bit of a womanizer. Themes include motherhood, monstrosity, and women’s agency in myth. The first draft was just a bit of a hot mess and I’ve been having a great time smoothing things out.

The biggest decision I need to make about it is the prose. I wrote the first draft formally and removed, trying to evoke a bit of a mythicized, dramatic feel. But as my friend pointed out, it does a disservice to the narrative at times, makes it hard to show emotion. I’m thinking I’ll write two versions and see which one does a better job.

There are also a whole lot of names involved in myths. And a lot of them sound similar: Meta and Medea, Asterion and Ariadne, Phaedra and Pasiphae. There are several scenes just crowded with names, and a challenge has been keeping things clean.

Anyone else out there feel like sharing some bumps in your current WIP? Feel free to respond in the comments : ) Happy writing!


Queer SFF Rec Database!

Nothing takes the wind out of second-draft-sails like severe tendonitis. I’ve been relying on talk-to-text for the past few weeks, and things just don’t come out the same way. Brain-to-voice output is so different from brain-to-fingers that it’s startling. Luckily, I’m recovering at a good pace, so I don’t have to get used to it!

With that in mind, it’s a short post today. My friend just sent me this awesome database of Queer SciFi and Fantasy Book Recommendations! It has a ton of tag search options, including “ends with queer protagonists alive” (bless) and “contains: world without homophobia,” two tags I’ll definitely be making use of! It’s got tags for intersecting identities, length, genre, etc. Check it out! I’m already getting sidetracked by all the books I need to add to my to-read list….

Also, I recently made a twitter, if you’d like to follow me @evgiaconia. I’ve tweeted exactly four things so far in the past like three weeks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Expect a longer post next time, and send my wrist some healing thoughts!