Evangeline Giaconia, she/her/hers. I’m a queer writer, primarily of young adult fantasy novels. I post about them quite a bit, especially as I try to give one of them–The Book of the Dead–a better life on physical bookshelves. This blog contains many things writing-related, including my original work, book reviews, handy writing resources, and my thoughts about the writing process.

I just finished my undergrad degree, a BS anthropology with minors in religious studies and biology (whew!).

Literary passions : diversity in YA, non-romance-centric plots, creative interpretations of mythology, and endings that don’t suck the joy out of your life for weeks but instead leave you smiling for days.

Non-literary passions: studying martial arts, doing regular art (pen and ink, acrylic, watercolor, making rings), running, reading, and stressing (competitively). I love to travel, and I was just in Ecuador for the third year in a row to continue my long-term field work there.

Languages: Spanish (conversational), Kichwa (working on it), American Sign Language (getting better).

Fun Facts: I find a ton of four-leaf clovers, I can lick my elbow, I was previously an aspiring zookeeper/ornithologist, and I’m obsessed with all mythologies.

This blog updates every other weekend. Thanks for dropping by!