Tiny Book Reviews

I’ve been reading A LOT in the past week, so I’m trying something new: Tiny Book Reviews! Just a few sentences on plot + opinion. Let me know what you think!


French Exit by Patrick DeWitt

The tale of a woman blowing through her dead husband’s fortune, resulting in her and her grown son moving to Paris. Featuring a quirky and delightful cast of misfit characters and an unexpected touch of the supernatural. Humorous and sad in turns, despite heavy subject material, this book is a light read I went through in an evening.

Monstress Vol. 1 by Marjorie Liu

The first graphic novel I’ve read in a long time, if you don’t count my re-read of Preludes and Nocturnes a few months ago. It was recommended to me by a friend on account of its stunning art. The plot involves magic, half-human and half-spiritual beings, and genocide. While the art was indeed beautiful, the plot itself was a little too dark for me. Reading it before bed, I kept waiting to come to a place that wasn’t gory and violent and horifying so that I could put it down for the night, but I could never arrive at one.

Intro to Alien Invasion by Owen King

This one is another graphic novel, surprisingly! And it’s a page-turner. An outbreak of insectoid alien larvae spreads across a college campus, and a small group of students find it their duty to exterminate the rest of the hosts. It’s funny, gay, and pretty gross when it comes to the aliens, actually. All in all, a good read.

She Would be King by Wayétu Moore

Y’all. Y’ALL. Confession: I’m only halfway through. But I had to let y’all know about this book immediately. It follows three individuals as their stories intertwine during the founding of Liberia.They are a woman exiled from a West African village, an enslaved man on a plantation in Virginia, and the child of a British man and an enslaved Maroon woman. All three have uncanny powers: immortality, immense strength, and the ability to become invisible. The book is half historical, half magical realism, and 100% breathtakingly, heartbreakingly beautiful. Please go read it.


Two Recommendations

My extended family is in town today, so I don’t have time to write a very long post–I’ll make up for it next week. My friends are doing some amazing literary things right now, so I thought I’d spread the word. Below are a blog and book recommendation.

  1. The Edwin Project: Zoe Kaplan is reviewing old science fiction stories published in magazines owned by her grandfather, circa 1950s. She is reading through the volumes and deciding which have stood the test of time, and which truly have not. Follow for 50s slang, corporeal ghosts, and mysteries of the universe.
  2. Waters of Salt and Sin: An epic new release by Alisha Klapheke, starring a sea-faring salt witch in a quest to rescue her. The author is awesome, and so is the story. High-stakes sailing, creepy sea wraiths and a unique magic system, and some killer worldbuilding lie within.

I’m off to go play Apples To Apples with my grandparents.

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