2017 To-Read List

Much like the universe, my to-read list is infinite and ever-expanding. I have four libraries covered between home and school, but sometimes I still can’t get my mitts on every book I want to read. But below are the books I absolutely MUST read this year, come hell or high water.

  1. When the Moon Was Ours by Anna Marie McLemore


This book looks beautiful and hauntingly magical, and I have been looking forward to reading it since before its release. My deeper agenda, however, is research for my current project (World Tree), because The Most Important Thing to do when writing diverse characters is to read books by diverse authors.

  1. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson


A classic I was never forced to read in school, and so I take the responsibility on myself. The truth is, Treasure Planet is one of my favorite movies in the world, so I feel like I should read the book it’s based on.

  1. The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith


This one is just for fun, people. One of those books that’s always been on my periphery, I’ve known about it’s existence, but I’ve never seen it in person.

  1. The Head of the Saint by Socorro Acioli


A young boy with nowhere to go finds shelter in the abandoned head of a saint statue-and begins giving advice to the people he overhears pray to the saint. I have been trying to get my hands on this book for a year. This is the year I will make it happen. Mark my words.

  1. History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera


I heard Adam Silvera speak at Yallfest 2016 a few months ago and he was funny and made me want to read his books. This one comes out this month, so I’ll be looking out for it. It looks sad and hopeful, and I’ll probably be blogging about it, and all these others.

I’ll stop myself at five, but don’t get me wrong, I try to average a book a week. Mostly by browsing my library shelves and picking out the ones with pretty covers and shiny blurbs. I’ll review these ones as I finish them.

Happy reading!



New Year’s Writing Resolutions

In the words of Antonio Gramsci, Marxist theorist, the celebration of a new year makes us lose the continuity of life and spirit. The new year celebration is an excuse to make and break resolutions, to insert a false gap into history when in reality history is a continuous, unbroken flow.

That said, at the bottom of this page are my new year’s writing resolutions.

While it’s good to get some perspective and step away from what have become overwhelmingly consumerist holidays, the new year gives us a sense of rebirth, something to strive for. History, as it is made every day, wears you out. The idea that the world can reset itself and maybe bring a bit of relief from what can seem like a never-ending stream of bad is one that I think we all need.

Any date or time can mark a new start: the many different new year markers in the world, a defining life event, or even just waking up in the morning and saying “this is a new age for me”. It doesn’t have to be a total rehaul of your life, it can be as simple as deciding to read a new book or take up boxing.

New year’s resolutions don’t have to be made to be broken, just like they don’t have to be mammoth, unattainable ideals. In my case, they’re more like a to-do list.

My Writing Resolutions:

  1. Begin querying The Book of the Dead
  2. Complete a draft of World Tree (real name tbd)
  3. Submit a short story to my school’s literary magazine
  4. Keep reading, even if it’s just half an hour before bed
  5. Update this blog once to twice a week

This is my first post on this blog, so I’m on track for at least one : )

Happy New Year!